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How to Elope at Acadia National Park

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With over 47,000 acres of breath taking landscape, it is easy to see why so many couples get married in Acadia National Park every year. These are some easy tips on how to elope in Acadia National Park!

1. Get The Permit + State of Maine Marriage License:

I know, I know … it’s super exciting, right? The permit is only $50 and is a super easy process. You can go right on the national park site. Good news is you don’t have to have a special permit for your professional photographer. According to their website, if your wedding has less than 10 people, a permit is not required. Maine residents must apply in the town/city where they reside. The license is valid for 90 days from the date the intentions are filed. If neither of you are not a Maine resident, you must apply in the town you will be getting married. The fee is $40.

2. Plan Accordingly to Traffic:

Expect Acadia National Park to have heavier traffic months June-August. July weekend being the most populated month in the summer. During September-October, the summer crowds have dispersed, weather is cooler, and leaves are changing.

If you plan to bring your dog, I recommend cooler months. Make sure you bring a leash as it is a requirement. 

3. Enjoy the day and Don’t Rush Yourself:

Acadia National Park is huge! There is so much to explore. I recommend scoping out the location beforehand. You can do trailside, mountainside, beach, cliffs, etc. This will help you relax, and give you the ability to enjoy what’s around you, and be in the moment more. 

I recommend exploring for an entire day beforehand. This will let you see different perspectives of Acadia National Park. Don’t just enter the park, quickly elope, take a couple quick photos, and leave - you will be missing out on so much. By exploring the location to the fullest, it gives you the ability to authentically create moments and really make your day truly special.

4. Stay at an Awesome Air-BNB:

One of the biggest questions that is asked when eloping at Acadia National Park is “where the heck do we stay?” While there are some cute Bed + Breakfast places around, Air BNB’s gives you more of those Instagrammable aesthetics. 

Here are the best Airbnb’s Near Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine:

5. Choose Your Ceremony Location:

The permit Rangers at Acadia National Park are super kind. The top locations in Acadia National Park to get married at: 

Sand Beach

Cadillac Mountain

Otter Cliffs

Thunder Hole

Jordan Pond

Great Head Trail

6. Pack Shoes with Great Tread:

You are never too old to monkey around. Make sure you pack shoes with good grip so you can climb the rocks or cliffs. 

7. Rent a Badass Vehicle:

Want to kick it up a notch and make your day even more special and stylish? Rent a vehicle you are dying to drive such as the ever-so-popular Jeep! 

8. Leave No Trace Behind:

This is super important. National Parks see thousands, if not, millions of people a year. Please pick up after yourselves, your guests, and let Mother Nature continue to be the beautiful beast she is. 

Thats is it for the guide on How to Elope in Acadia National Park. I hope you found it super helpful and that it got you excited for your wedding day!

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