Genuine, Unconventional & Fun As F%*k

Wedding & Elopement Photography for couples who are unapologetically themselves!

portland, maine wedding and elopement photographer

We exist to help non-traditional  couples feel valued & heard!

We get that your vision for your special day, may look a little different than societies norms. After all, you want to create a day that truly reflects your personalities and story.

You are not a fan of the ordinary or "rigid" way of having your wedding. Whether you want an epic party with your closest people or just the two of you,  we get you want to relax and enjoy every minute. Did I just hear a sigh of relief? Us too!

I get what you are going through. I had a non-traditional wedding.
I believe that there is no wrong way to celebrate love.
I snort when I laugh.
I am unapologetically curvy as f%*k.
And I have way too many houseplants (wait, is there such a thing?)

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We believe your                 is unique.
We believe         are unique.
So shouldn't your                  !

 We believe your                        is unique.

We believe         are unique.

  So shouldn't your                  !





You won't see us taking any job.
We serve couples in love!  
We love that we do and do it well! 

What we do...


Get this really awesome Wedding Planning Guide!

There is so much that goes into planning your wedding/elopement to make it feel more than "just another day." This guide is designed to help make your day super unique to you!


We want to know your personalities and interests. We want to hear you say “f%*k yeah! That is SO me.” We want to create pieces that aren't your stereotypical wedding photos. Pieces that reflect your true emotions through the day - not fake it. 

Simple as that.

Simple as that.

Your wedding is an epic party (or a celebration if that’s what you prefer). We want to make sure your guests are having a damn good time. We want to highlight their personalities just as much as yours. We will do whatever it takes to them to forget about the camera, and focus more on being in the moment. Imma go practice my awesome lip syncing skills!

Your guests.

Just in the last five years, technology has changed drastically. We no longer even have USB slots in laptops! My couples get more than digitals that get lost in broken hard-drives. Meraki Portrait couples get luxurious, quality pieces that will last them a lifetime. Pieces that will create conversations around them. Pieces that are fashion forward!

Your legacy.

We take a lot of pride in who we are and where we came from. After all, we wouldn’t be the people we are without those. We know, you must too! We love working with couples from many faiths, cultures, sexualities, genders and backgrounds. Our mantra always has been “just be YOU, it’s more than enough.” 

Your culture.

We want to do our part to keep it clean and safe for our future. That is why we use: recycled paper, labs that are highly motivated in leaving less carbon footprint, drive vehicles that are rated one of the best for the environment, host virtual meet-ups, use reusable bottles/straws/bags, & recycle ink cartridges.

Mama Earth (our planet).

meraki couples are


They are on a mission to create something more meaningful, than just the quick courthouse nuptials.
They avoid fads and stick to what makes them the badass individuals they are.
They confidently step outside their comfort zone, to create their own version of an epic celebration. 

“She made everyone comfortable & excited to be photographed! I LOVE this woman

- RENEE,  2019 BRIDE



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