Wedding Professionals: Why You Should Consider Consultations

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I am going to be real, raw, and to the point with this my friends - Plain and simple: Be in their shoes! When a couple reaches out to you, they are so excited, they are overwhelmed with options! Having a wedding is quite the investment overall. Be mindful of that. You maybe the first vendor they reached out to or you maybe the 15th vendor. Regardless, they are exploding with so many emotions.

I also understand that being a Small Business owner is tough. Being a one-man-band (so to speak) and juggling multiple social media accounts, accounting, marketing, branding, website design, etc. that feels never ending. All while maintaining a social existence in the world and trying to be involved with your family. I. totally. get. it! If I can just get a few moments of your time, this will be super beneficial for you.

What if I told you there was a way to help you stand out in the crowd and create a more personalized experience for your couples. What if I told you there was a way where you can get more of your people! What if I told you there was a way where you can hear more “yes, I want to book you!”

*que the sounds of the heavens music* I Introduce to You: Consultations!

I know what you are already thinking: it takes time that isn’t guaranteed a booking, it is gas money, I got to get dressed, I don’t want to be away from my family. Let me just stop you right there my friend. That is the exact mentality that is not making you stand out in the crowd. You are looking at these couples as dollar signs and not human beings … and they know it!

Consultations let you provide value to them. You get to show them exactly how you can be beneficial to them and make their day super special. Because they deserve that! Sending over an email with pricing just sets you up to be compared to others and who has the best deal. How the heck are you able to survive in business long term, when you are arguing over price?

Please know that consultations are not meant for you to get 100% booking rate. Consultations are meant for you to be able to work with more of your people. Consultations are meant for you to continue to have the passion you do today. Consultations are meant for you to completely understand what the couple has as a vision and if you are even able to help them. Be honest. If you can’t, it is ok. Maybe your service isn’t of high importance to them. That is ok.

Use consultations as a chance to take a few moments to educate them on things they may never have thought about. People connect to stories. People are visual and when you introduce your service with a story, they can picture themselves in that situation. They relate to you and what you are offering. Rather than “hi, thanks for reaching out. Here is my pricing.” I’m guessing you hear crickets after this point a lot.

Yes, some individuals just want information right then and there and don’t want to meet up. But those same people, don’t value what you offer and it is not of importance to them either. If you truly want more of your people, consultations is the best way to do reach them.

You can even “meet” them via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. I have lots of people that are out of state that inquire. I am sure you do as well. But still take the time to understand who they are as people. I even drink beer with them sometimes. It is totally a nice ice breaker.

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