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For the wild, free-spirited, non-traditional souls that couldn't imagine this new chapter without their closest friends and family. 

Jump with joy and spray that champagne in celebration!

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starting at $3900

only 15 available
per year!


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Your intimate moment shouldn't be locked in to just a couple hours. What is so special about that?

Together we will create a memorable adventure that is totally all about the two of you.


starting at $2900

only 3 available
per year!


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It's more than just a photoshoot, it's an actual adventure. Without adventures, our lives would be incredibly dull. 

Perfect for Engagement Sessions, Anniversaries, Honeymoons, or just because. 


starting at $800

only 10 available
per year!

frequently asked questions

do you travel?

Sure do! I have traveled for it all: weddings, elopements, and even adventure sessions! However, I limit my travel schedule. I do make it affordable as possible. 

Do you have insurance?

Heck yeah! If your venue needs proof of it, just let me know and I would be happy to send it right over to them. 

i am nervous getting my pictures taken!

Totally normal. Hell I do too! I never jump into a session taking pictures. We warm up and get to know each other more. 

do you have a second photographer?

Absolutely! I have a handful I love working with and I try to match personalities with yours as much as possible. 

How long of a wait is it to get photos back?

I believe you are investing in your future. I do not rush these. You deserve someone who cherishes these as much as you will.  Weddings/Elopements are 8-10 weeks. Adventure Sessions are 2-3 weeks. Sneak Peaks take up to 48 hours.

why should i hire you?

Because I simply care. My couples also get special perks that I only offer to them!

Can we be friends. you seem so cool?

Ok so I slid this in here on my own. If you are quirky, I just need to be friends with you regardless. 

Why only take 15 weddings/10 adventure sessions?

Because I care! See a theme here? I want to be there for my couples if
they need more guidance. Taking 30+ weddings, I wouldn't be able to do that. Resulting in those awkward photos.