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There is so much that goes into planning your wedding/elopement to make it feel more than "just another day." This guide is designed to help make your day super unique to you!


frequently asked questions

do you travel?

Sure do! I have traveled for it all: weddings, vow renewals, and even engagement sessions! However, I limit my travel schedule. I do make it affordable as possible. 

Do you have insurance?

Heck yeah! If your venue needs proof of it, just let me know and I would be happy to send it right over to them. 

i am nervous getting my pictures taken!

Totally normal. Hell I do too! I never jump into a session taking pictures. We warm up and get to know each other more. 

do you have a second photographer?

Absolutely! I have the absolute best second photographer. His name is Matt. He is my partner in crime!

How long of a wait is it to get photos back?

I believe you are investing in your future. I do not rush these. You deserve someone who cherishes these as much as you will.  Weddings/Elopements are 8-10 weeks. Engagement Sessions are 2-3 weeks. Sneak Peaks take up to 48 hours.

why should i hire you?

Because I genuinely care about YOU. I won't even consider a booking unless we meet. I want to make sure my terrible Lip Syncing skills are ok with you.

Can we be friends. you seem so cool?

Ok so I slid this in here on my own. If you are quirky, I just need to be friends with you regardless. 

Why do you only take 10 weddings?

Because I care!  I want to be there for my couples if they need more guidance. Taking 25+ weddings, I wouldn't be able to do that. Resulting in those awkward photos.