every couple that i have the honor to photograph their wedding, receives a custom handcrafted album!

Imagine you celebrating your 10 year wedding anniversary. You open up your wedding album and all those feelings come rushing back.

You start tearing up, remembering the way you felt when you put on your dream wedding dress. You start laughing remembering grandma smiling and having the time of her life while she danced with Uncle John. 

Feelings. Emotions. Memories. 
I believe you deserve to feel something when you look back on these moments. You deserve to preserve your emotions in a way that simply lives on forever. 

I only offer the absolute best products that I can possibly get my hands on!

Your photography experience includes a reveal session where you get the digitals ... 

and a whole hell of a lot more! 

You are vibrant, eclectic, confident, quirky, passionate & the perfect compliment to one another. 

You may rock a badass tattoo or two and are not afraid to color your hair something funky!

Including bowling, craft beers, hiking, boat rides, brick-oven pizzas, spraying champagne everywhere, gelato, out-of-the-box wedding dresses, laughing, and funk bouquets in your wedding is a MUST!

You are down to get your dress a little dirty.

You are not afraid to show emotions.

You don't want to rush your time for couples portraits because you want to make them as EPIC as you are!

You love intimate weddings or elopements because you want your day to be true celebration of the two of you - not what others think you should do on your day.

You embrace your differences.

You are loyal to your heart and cherish your friends/family.

the meraki portrait

thats me!