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I understand that finding the perfect photographer for your wedding day may be challenging. You want a peace of mind knowing that your photographer will provide something unique, fresh, personal ... as well as authentic, Meraki Portrait does that for you!

i'm alicia!

my story

14 years ago - I wasn't married. I wasn't a mom. I wasn't a wedding photographer.
14 years ago - I lost my mother to cancer. It was that moment that forever changed me as a person and my entire life.

Fast forward to 2014. I was exactly in your shoes. I was planning my very own wedding day with my wife to be. I was so thrilled! I was overwhelmed! But most of all, I was exceptionally lost not having her by my side, sharing what is supposed to be some of the most joyous moments of my life. Moments that you dream about sharing with your mother.

As planning was coming to an end, I knew I wanted to honor her in some way. Because I never wanted to lose a portrait of my mother and I didn't have a home I was completely settled in for the long run, I had my older brother hold all the photographs of my mother. At this time, my brother and I were not speaking. So this meant, I had no idea how to honor my mother!

It was my wedding day, that I realized the true meaning of what a photograph holds. When I reached the end of the isle to greet my wife to be, my mother's best friend surprised me with a photograph of my mother. I felt peace seeing her there. I felt whole.

Thanks to that photograph, my son knows her legacy.

Meraki Portrait was created to give you a sense of relief knowing your legacy is perfected by a passionate photographer who is quirky, vibrant, friendly, and non-judemental.

When you hire Meraki Portrait, you get a peace of mind knowing you will get a true representation of the unique individual you are and as a couple. 

My family and I are big on making tacos or nachos weekly. I really don't think I will ever get sick of these. Give me all the guac and homemade salsa! 


My ultimate favorite band is 311. It's a reggae-alternative band, similar to Sublime. I have seen them an ungodly amount of times and I am even on the cover of one of their albums. #truestory Peace. Love. & Unity my friends.


There are a couple of things that get me a little anxious like spiders or creepy dolls. But man, I am super afraid of clowns. Like I go in panic mode and have a hard time breathing and start crying. My wife didn't believe me and made me watch the remake of 'IT.' I cried the entire 45 minute ride home from the movies. 


Was a little red car that looked like the duplicate of the General Lee from 'Dukes of Hazaed.' It had a make shift heat switch and only 1 radio station came in... which was country. I don't like country music. 


My middle name is Jo, short for Joanne. Joanne was my mothers best friend. Who also happens to be a huge reason why I started Meraki Portrait (and she doesn't even know). 


I have dislocated my left knee 8 times, just tripping over my right foot. The first time I did, I was in 5th grade. Somehow, I also ended up locking myself in a room alone when it happened. That is talent, my friends. 


my favorites

iTunes. I love making 
Playlists for everything I do!

Trashy TV like: Shameless, Murder shows, Will + Grace, Lost, + more!

Give me all the nutty flavored coffee! So good!

Being barefoot every chance I get. I really hate shoes + socks. I feel suffocated.

I own lots of eyeglasses. I love wearing them. Such a fun way to add personality and style. 

Dogs. They give me "baby" fever every time I see one.







I'm a wedding photographer for people who aren't afraid to be a little different, who don't mind getting a little dirty if needed, who abandon traditions that don't suit them.

You are so important to me! Seriously! You're funky and vibrant. Embrace it! Your wedding day should reflect exactly who you two are. You deserve to be surrounded by the same type of people who love what they do + having it show in their work. After all, this is what Meraki Portrait stands for.

You are unique. Your story is unique. So, let's make your images unique to you.