You know you want                 photos that truly reflect who the two of you are and have fun doing it. 

I'm Alicia!

And holy sh*%, you're
getting married!

You are                                                         


So what gives? You are anxious about stiff posing that seems unnatural and doesn't really reflect who you are as a couple. 


Fact is … you shouldn't have to worry "did they get that?" on your wedding day.
Guess what boo ... I GOT IT! You can relax knowing I come fully prepared. 

not afraid to show your emotions.


down for an adventure,

You know you want                  photos that truly reflect who the two of you are and have fun doing it. 


photo by : Wohler & Co.

I know all about
what you're going

In case we've never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me….

 + I've been published and featured in numerous publications.
 + I'll take the time to listen to your needs, wants and even your values.
 + I am a mom to a pre-teen boy who just happens to have Autism.
 + I own far too many pairs of sunglasses (according to my wife).
 + I always have tissues on me because most likely, I will cry during your vows.

photo by: Wohler & Co.

This is what I want for you ...

+ A one-on-a-kind experience over a franchizey-one-and-done transaction.
+ A solid human connection & not just a stranger-danger showing up.
+ Epic wedding portraits you are proud of and want all over your house. 

Meraki Portrait

I started


it was my very own wedding that helped me understood the true value of what a portrait holds. 

I lost my mother to cancer in 2005 - #fuckcancer

It was 2014, when I was planning to marry my wife to be. I was thrilled, overwhelmed and felt incredibly lost not having my mom and best friend by my side. At the time, my older brother had all the photographs of my mom and we were not speaking. My own family wouldn't give me a photo of my her because "I should suck it up and just be with my sons father" instead of being truthful to myself. 

As I walked down the aisle to greet my wife on my wedding day, my mothers best friend surprised me with a framed portrait of my mother. 

I bawled.
I felt so much peace seeing her there.
I felt whole. 

photo by: Wohler & Co.

Now, I've helped a shit ton of couples create 

that they are proud of. without all the typical B.S. that can come along with it. 


I'm different than other wedding photographers because I genuinely care about your day. I will not book another wedding the weekend of your wedding. I want to be fully prepared mentally, physically, spiritually and creatively.

but listen, I'm anything but "normal." 
I fully support weirdness.
After all, I'm a total nerd. 

My approach is unique in that I care more about your vision than the next best epic shot in my own portfolio.

My favorite thing about my job is when my couple's eyes go big the first time they see a photo of themselves. They see how truly beautiful they were and own it!

if you're ready to experience authentic, intimate and unique images in a way that's Fun as Fuck. Let's talk!

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