3 Things I Loved About My Wedding That You Should Consider

Hermit Island Campground Fall Wedding
All Images by: Andree Kehn Photography

In 2019, my wife and I will be celebrating our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary! It is human nature to think of everything you would change if you could do it over again. But I want to talk about what I loved about my own wedding, that are things you maybe want to consider. These are things that will just make it more enjoyable for you in the long run.

Here are 3 Things I Wouldn’t Change About My Wedding:

  1. VENUE: Get married somewhere that has significance to you, or you both. My wife and I got married at Hermit Island Campground in Phippsburg, ME. Every year, we take 4-5 days and camp out there. It is time we get to recuperate from life (work, being moms, electronics, etc). It is time we get to enjoy each others company, read, beach it, hike, grill, whatever. To have our friends and family come here and see what we love and enjoy so much, meant so much more than getting married at a location we never have, nor will, visit in our lives again. You will be pleasantly surprised what places will let you host your wedding there if you ask.
  2. GUESTS: Invite people who will be by your side when times are tough to support you/ up-lift you/ bring you closer. Invite people who have been through the good and bad with you both already. You don’t have to invite someone, just because they were in your life at sometime or another. Weddings are expensive! Remember, this is a very intimate moment in your life. You invite whoever YOU want. You do not have to invite mom’s cribbage posse’.
  3. PRIORITIZE: Getting married is definitely an investment. Regardless if you Elope or not. My wife and I really took the time to think about everything we will need for our wedding, and prioritized them from ‘Super Important to Us Both’ to ‘Meh, we can live without this if need be.’ What this allowed us to do, was spend a little more on what meant the world to us both if need be and just eliminate or spend less on what wasn’t important to us. In order to stay on budget, or as close to it as we possibly could. One aspect people are starting to eliminate is more traditional stuff like the garter toss. More couples are recognizing that this holds no value or meaning to them. So why spend the money .. or time in your intimate day, for something you are meh about. I would highly avoid spending a high percentage of your budget on just the venue. Yes, this will be the biggest cost of your day. But I wouldn’t spend 65% of your overall budget on it. This leaves little room for other things that have a lot of meaning to you.

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